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You can’t find what you can’t see.

At BR Directional we utilize print, online and mobile tactics to place your business in front of consumers.


Print Yellow Pages continue to be a valuable source of quality leads. In fact, 61% of print Yellow Page searches resulted in a business contact or visit. BR Directional can make sure your business is in the right place at the right time.
Yellow Pages

With over 5 billion references, Yellow Pages directories reach consumers at the end of the purchase cycle when they are ready to buy. Attributing directory usage to the demographic profile of your consumer, print directories can help your business be found.

Pay Per Call Ads

Pay only for the calls that come to your business. Target locally or nationally with a local phone number or toll-free phone number. You are charged only when a qualified call is made to this unique number.

Call Tracking Ads

A unique telephone number listed in your ad gives you concise data reporting on how many calls your ad is getting. Reports track the number that called, the name & address of the caller if available, how long the call lasted, how many rings before the call was answered and can record the call for evaluation of the sales process.

Print SMS

SMS or Short Message Service consisting of a text message less than 160 characters. This short code can be advertised in any way, on storefronts, in Yellow Pages ads, billboards and allows consumers to opt-in to receive coupons and offers from your business.

QR Codes

Using this barcode technology in your print, online and/or mobile ad, you can reach consumers that scan your QR code and help motivate them to buy.

Direct Mail

Direct mail helps you target new customers and keep in touch with existing ones. You can deliver your message to specific areas such as select zip codes, your own customer list, or target specific businesses and consumers using demographic filters. Direct mail is a fast and affordable way to send out marketing offers, promotions, updates, reminders and more.


URL’s in print ads can generate clicks to advertiser websites. PURL is a tracking URL, usually comprised of the advertiser’s actual URL with a prefix. Placed in the advertiser’s print ad, user visits/clicks are forwarded to the advertiser’s actual URL. Leads originating from the Yellow Pages print ad are captured and the advertiser receives valuable tracking reports.


It’s a big Internet out there. And websites don’t attract customers on their own. BR Directional can help your site jump to the top of search results, so customers find you fast.
Local Search/Business Listing Management

Local listings are non-paid listings–you cannot buy position. Listings appear due to their relevance to the search query. Boost your position by using our Business Listing Management tool. Partnering with some of the larger data content aggregators representing 98% of local searches, BR provides client verified data to over 90 search engines (including Google, Yahoo and MSN/Bing) and 170 channel partners (including GPS, mobile devices, 411 and Internet Yellow Pages). This increases your business to be found in local search results accurately and higher up on the results page.

Paid Search (SEM)

Through paid keyword search queries, your business can pay to be at the top position of any keyword search. Keywords are bought on a bid basis through individual search engines and websites. It is a fast and effective way to get your website listed on search engine results pages instantly and in first position.

Internet Yellow Pages (IYP) and are two of the many IYP’s available on the web. Like the print directory, these sites give business listing information to consumers ready to buy and at the end of the purchase cycle. IYP sites are valuable local content to search engines. Your IYP placement carries over to search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing and hundreds of other local sites. The reach provided through an IYP placement ensures that your business is found when a need arises.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Small business owner’s competing against national chains with deep pockets may seem futile. BR works with you and your budget to find the most effective online strategy for your company. You don’t have to be the biggest, just the smartest. BR will grow your Internet presence, get you ranking on the major search engines, and drive new customers into your location. We offer affordable packages tailored to your specific business needs.


With web retargeting, your business adds a "site tracking tag" to your web site code. This tag is invisible and lets anyone who visits be anonymously identified. Your ad will then appear to those users across various and multiple websites. Your website visitor sees these ads and are reminded about your service and might return, sign up or convert in some way.


There are 6.8 billion people on the planet. 4 billion of them use a mobile phone. BR Directional can connect you with the ones intent on buying your product.
Mobile Pay Per Call Ads

Don’t think you’re getting calls from your ad? Then try Pay per Call. Only calls received that meet predetermined criteria such as call length, are billed. Advertiser defines relevant key words, chooses desired categories and a geographic area for the ad to appear (local, regional or national).

Mobile Banner Ads

Like being first? Banner ads appear at the top of the screen when a specific keyword search is entered and search results are listed.

Enhanced Mobile Targeting

Extracts behavioral and lifestyle attributes from consumer location patterns to identify mobile audiences to deliver better results, yielding dramatic increases in click-through rates and purchase intent.

Mobile SMS

SMS or Short Message Service consists of a text message less than 160 characters. Consumers opt-in ("subscribe") to receive coupon offers from your business and able to update offers in real time and allow consumers to forward and share your offers.

Geo Fencing

Advertisers can provide hyper local exclusivity, offering shoppers keyword and/or proximity-based deals. Proximity deals are served to mobile users near the physical store, shoppers are rewarded and enticed to get an exclusive deal.